Sobha City Grid Iron Concept Hand Drawn

Developed Concepts in Master Planning

The concepts were developed as part of a proposed design for the Sobha World City project in Thrissur, Kerala, created while working at Sobha Developers, Ltd. These sketches show the process from the drawing board to Presentation Studies to execution of the chosen concept by Sobha Developers.

72 acres gross, 57 acres development – Multi Use Development

Mall, Residential Rise, Villa, Artificial 7 acre-Water body for Rain Water Harvesting,Club amenities, Health Center.

Grid Iron Concept (Proposed)

The Grid Iron Concept or the “Manhattan Plan” is based on a grid system of road planning. Here it followed the logical separation of commercial areas (including health care and hotel complexes) from the residential areas in a township, by means of a straight avenue about 600 metres long. This main road crosses secondary avenues at right angles in a grid iron pattern. The street system is orderly and highly rational, making this a very disciplined concept.

Organic Plan Concept (Proposed)

Ying Yang or Zen Concept (chosen for development)

This concept is based on the dual principles of yin and yang, which are important in many forms of East Asian philosophy, including Zen.